Waldemar Cordeiro

  • Born 1925 in Rome, Italy
  • Died 1973 in São Paulo, Brazil

A leading digital artist in Brazil, Waldemar Cordeiro spent the first twenty years of his life in Italy, where he studied art in Rome and started to work as a newspaper caricaturist in 1943. Living in Brazil from 1946 to 1948, he painted in a figurative, Expressionist style and worked as a journalist and art critic for the Folha da Manhã paper. He returned to Italy in 1948, finally settling in São Paulo the following year. Cordeiro created his first abstract paintings in 1948 and took part in the inaugural exhibition Do Figurativismo ao Abstracionismo (From Figurative Art to Abstraction; 1949) at the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (São Paulo Modern Art Museum; MAM/SP). He founded the Ruptura Group in 1952 and emerged as its leader, writing a Concrete art manifesto and mounting the group’s first exhibition that year at MAM/SP. From 1951 he participated in several editions of the Bienal de São Paulo. In 1953, Cordeiro established Jardins de Vanguarda, a landscape design company. He traveled to Europe in 1964 and was introduced to American Pop art at the Venice Biennale. Soon after, he began the “Popcretos” series together with Augusto de Campos (b. 1931). In 1968 Cordeiro began to explore computer art and in 1971 he organized Arteônica in Brazil – a pioneering exhibition and conference on art and technology.

Artworks by Waldemar Cordeiro in the exhibition