Lynn Hershman Leeson

  • Born 1941 in Cleveland, OH, USA
Artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson studied at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and at the San Francisco State University, where she earned her MFA degree. She works cross-media, often creating interactive works in photography, video, film, installation, performance, and Internet-based media. Her work integrates art with social commentary and technology. Hershman is also regarded as a strong voice within the feminist movement. Questions of (constructed) identity, privacy, surveillance, and the relationship between real and virtual worlds as well as between humans and machines are constantly addressed in her body of work. She is probably best known for her series centered on the fictional character Roberta Breitmore (1973–78). In her later work she continued to pioneer new media art: her video Lorna (1979–1983) was the first interactive videodisc and she was the first to use touch-activated screens for Deep Contact: The Sexual Fantasy Videodisk (1984–86).

Artworks by Lynn Hershman Leeson in the exhibition