Lee Ufan

  • Born 1936 in Haman County, Korea

Lee Ufan is a multimedia artist who emerged as the leader of the Mono-ha (School of Things) movement. He is also considered a key figure in the so-called Korean monochrome painting movement. He initially interrupted his studies at the Seoul Daehaggyo (Seoul National University) in 1956 to study philosophy at Nihon daigaku (Nihon University) in Tokyo, Japan, graduating in 1961. His most representative works are series of Minimalist abstractions produced by making repetitive gestural marks on the canvas. His “Relatum” sculpture series combines large stones with industrial materials, such as glass and iron or steel plates. In addition to his artworks, he has produced a remarkable amount of critical and philosophical writing, including The Search for Encounter (1971) and The Art of Encounter (2004). Lee Ufan’s first solo show was held in 1967 at the Sato Gallery in Tokyo, and his work was first shown in Europe at the Paris Biennale (1971), where he represented Korea.